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All caught up on DC CW shows

I figured I should get my thoughts out there before the big crossover and the mid-season finales. I do have other things I've been watching, but for now I'm only doing reviews of superhero shows, Jane the Virgin and Crazy Ex-girlfriend don't really call for a ton of discussion as far as I'm concerned.

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As usual

So I was doing really well with NaNo for almost three weeks, but I'm out of juice. I've done some decent writing and gotten some good stories under consideration (not what i was expecting to write, but it was coming along), but need a break, and taking a break I know I almost certainly won't come back to it this month. So 35k is going to be my limit...you know, I think that was when I hit the wall the last time I tried this.


Belated posting RH thoughts

So I guess I never actually posted the rest of my Robin Hood thoughts from my rewatch, I had a lot of s3 thoughts that I wrote about and finally here they are for you. As for writing...well I’m not really writing what I intended to write, but this was very effective at giving me Robin Hood (more accurately Guy and Guy/Marian) muses.

Also something I hadn’t thought when I wrote this up but have since, J’onn on Supergirl is Tuck, how did it take me so long to realize that, he’s a got a really distinctive voice? It was the voice that eventually made me realize it; I was thinking a few days back (long after finishing my RH watch and in a lull of Supergirl catching up) that I was having a surprisingly easy time hearing Tuck’s voice in a scene I was considering (never actually wrote it) and couldn’t figure out why until I realized it had very little to do with Tuck. Anyway, J’onn is much better than Tuck who spoiler I am not real nice to in this.

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Like so many, still kind of reeling here

So I thought I'd share the song that's been going through my head since Tuesday. Song's a few years old but it might as well have been written for now.


So, America...what do we do now?

My icon would judge us. John Sheridan would not stand for this.


More Robin Hood s2 (effectively the rest)

Writing Robin Hood fanfic for NaNo means I’ve spent my time lately googling: Richard the Lionheart, Prince/King John, the Crusades, and Purgatory because I wasn’t sure when Christians came up with the idea (turns out, very relevant as it would have been a spreading concept during the characters’ lifetimes). I guess I have to compensate for the fact that this show makes me dumber in some way, although it is just making the show’s timeline more confusing ( rather, reminding me that it always was).

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Yet more Robin Hood

I'll warn you now, this is the last post that will be all full reviews, I ran out of steam to do full reactions later in the season.

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Robin Hood 2x02Collapse )

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Thoughts on the rest of RH s1

Y'all should know by now that I'm actually well ahead by the time I post my thoughts, since I'm basically done I figure I should be posting more.

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Robin Hood rewatch continues

So like I said, I’ve been doing a concentrated Robin Hood rewatch, and I might as well post the thoughts I’ve had as I go.

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Return of the TV rundown

I thought maybe I’d get going on a few more of my shows (and there’s few new ones I’m planning on giving a shot) once the baseball playoff got to a more manageable level, but instead...I started a new project (points at icon). So for now, three weeks’ worth of Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow (I plan to get caught up on Supergirl before we get to some kind of epic crossover I’m sure is coming, but it’s still on the back burner)/

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Legends of Tomorrow 2x01Collapse )

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Bit of baseball, mostly Supergirl

So the Rockies ended the season as they passed so much of it, losing to a team they should have beaten because the bullpen couldn’t keep it together. But as I commented to some other people recently; sure the Rockies were mediocre this season, that’s about three steps better than the last few seasons.

But anyway, I did watch Supergirl once it got to Netflix, and I did finish it up in time for the new season to start (I still have a few episodes of the other DC-CW shows to go), I started out recording my thoughts but then only did so when I actually had something to say, and I guess I’ll finally post them for anyone interested.

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Starting a Robin Hood watch

So I decided to watch Robin Hood again, and because I’m feeling super lazy about it, opted to watch it on Netflix instead of getting out the DVDs. Now I’ve noticed watching a few other things on Netflix the last few months that they don’t always have captions I know should be there, but I think this might be the funniest one. Because they still have the sound effect of the thwacky establishing arrow, but not the location caption. So while *I* know what that sound effect is and in most cases understand what’s being established, I imagine it must seem odd if someone hasn’t watched it before.

Also, the fact that one of Netflix’s teaser images is a s3 promo shot including Kate and Tuck...not a great move, as I hate both of them.

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Catching up on shows (mostly Reign)

So I’ve been making full use of Netflix to catch up on CW shows (I’m not sure if there will be time by the time Arrow/Flash/LoT get there to rewatch them before the seasons start, but I’ve still got 2/3 of the Arrow/Flash season before it to revisit so I’m not anxious yet).

I watched s2 of Jane the Virgin (I might have had some thoughts, but not many; it was fine) and s1 of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (which I quite liked and did have thoughts on but never quite figured out how to put in to words). And I rewatched season 1-2 of Reign then went back to my own archives to finally watch s3.

And Reign I have thoughts about...about a lot of things.

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Belated promo roundup

So I was going to put my quick thoughts on the new Rogue One trailer and then remembered I had never posted my various thoughts I had while the Comic Con trailers/promos were coming out a couple weeks ago, so here’s a lot of trailer thoughts.

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