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Talkin' baseball

So I have started doing reactions of what I’m watching this year (so far just The Orville and The Good Place, though I’m going to start Inhumans and maybe Discovery when I get the chance), but for the moment I’m going to talk about something different. It’s that time of year when I talk baseball.

Especially this year since my Rockies are in the playoffs. We’ll see how long it lasts, but it’s been a fun season that I hope continues well into October.

And so Wild Card game predictions:

AL: Twins vs. Yankees
NY has to be favored since they came in ahead of Minnesota but I’m rooting for the Twins. I’m basically incapable of rooting for the Yankees plus I’m angling for a frozen world series between Minn. and Colorado. But I don’t really know enough about AL teams to know how to predict the outcome.

NL: Rockies vs. D-backs
Obviously I’m rooting for the Rockies, they’re my team, but in a one game showdown I’m not going to lay odds on either team. They’re played each other enough this season that there are no surprises coming; the D-backs definitely have the edge on the season series, though in Arizona they’re pretty even as I recall. It might come down to if Martinez is playing like a human again or still curb-stomping everybody. GO ROCKIES.

So I came across the graphic

It seemed interesting, but I live in Colorado and thought "This doesn't seem right, I don't remember ever seeing an In-n-Out burger here" so I went and googled it and what's the first result I get?

"In-N-Out Burger Is Not Coming to Colorado"

So yeah, I don't think the graphic is true.


-pokes journal to some life-

So I haven’t really been posting anything recently (to be honest, even my review all the arrow-verse project is hit and miss, only managing more hits because I was so on the ball at first), but when the DC-CW trailers came out I wanted to review them, then forgot to post about it; I did at least add some of my hopes/thoughts for the coming seasons.

Not a lot of thoughts, but someCollapse )

DC-CW finales roundup...belated

I’m not sure why I haven’t posted these until now, I just kept putting it off and now we’re here. I’d like to say I wanted to see if I had any extra thoughts to add (and I had a couple) but I kind of waited too long for that to hold a lot of water.

Supergirl 2x22Collapse )

The Flash 3x23Collapse )

Arrow 5x23Collapse )

Broadchurch, a few thoughts

So I finally decided to take some time and watch Broadchurch. It’s been in and out of my queue since the first season and I finally decided that to stave off the part of me that kind of wants to rewatch Doctor Who, I’d watch Broadchurch instead. I powered through it in like a week and I do have some thoughts.

Only vague spoilers, but covers all three seasonsCollapse )

This week in superhero TV

These are mostly all shorter than you might expect; some are actually short because I didn’t have much to say, and some are just shorter than you would think.

Supergirl 2x21Collapse )

Agents of SHIELD 4x22Collapse )

The Flash 3x22Collapse )

Arrow 5x22Collapse )

A rather please TV rundown

Oops, forgot to get this up over the weekend, but here it is now.

Also, I had quite god intentions of doing my LoT s2 wrap-up thoughts, but between baseball and my review the Arrow-verse project I haven’t gotten to it, so we’ll see what happens when this season in general ends.

Supergirl 2x19Collapse )

The Flash 3x20Collapse )

Agents of SHIELD 4x20Collapse )

Arrow 5x20Collapse )

A very focused TV roundup

Two weeks’ worth of AoS, back to having more superheroes to talk about this coming week; though I have been watching a reviewing a lot of s1 Arrow (I should probably start actually posting some).

I’m also fighting off an urge to rewatch Doctor Who, between Legends pulling me back in that direction and then randomly stumbling through some stuff about Doctor/Rose reminding me how much I loved that ship the pull to rewatch is pretty strong. Maybe when I’m not so invested in watching baseball I’ll give into that impulse.

Agents of SHIELD 4x17Collapse )

Agents of SHIELD 4x18Collapse )

logical...not so much

So I have decided to try buckling down and actually doing on one the many ideas for a review series I've had, and for some reason the most logical idea I had was to review all the DC-CW shows from the beginning.

Go here for intro post and the DW comm I'm using for this project

Apr. 20th, 2017

Hmm, it seems like everyone that was left on lj is up and moving to Dreamwidth in one big push. Which is fair, and I'll probably start doing more with that once I figure out how I want to handle it. I have been just using my DW account as a fanfic journal while I keep my various chatter to lj. But lj is already dead enough, more people leaving means I should find some way to actually follow at least the edges of fandom (since I refuse to tumblr or twitter).

So if you have a DW account that I should follow (either with my existing account or as I decide what to do with this migration) let me know.

Also, there's an Arrow end of season trailer up and I have thoughts:
Read more...Collapse )

TV rundown...of sorts

Only two things to review here, but the LoT one is long...and probably focused on the wrong things, but these are things that matter to me.

Legends of Tomorrow 2x17Collapse )

Agents of SHIELD 4x16Collapse )

Fic: (LoT scene rewrite) Untitled

So I'm waiting to see if I want to review any other shows this week besides Legends and Agents, but warning now, the Legends reaction was...incoherent rage over [Spoiler (click to open)]Rip leaving that I have since tried to add more thoughts to. Then I felt the need to do the LoT writers a solid and rewrite the relevant scene so it made a bit more sense.

More info and fic under the cutCollapse )

It's been a while on this one

So I’m reviving this old meme
Pick something I have written (or anything else I've posted I suppose) and I will write a "DVD commentary" on it.

I’m not sure how well I’ll remember a lot of the stuff I wrote since my recent Rip/Sara fic is literally the first thing I’ve posted in more than three years, but I was rereading the commentary I did on TWTS and found it kind of inspiring. Like to the point where I’m getting more and more tempted to rewatch s1-3 of TVD and see if I can remember where that AU was supposed to go next. But I’ve also been nursing a LoT s2 AU that I might write over the summer (not that I haven’t liked s2, but it’s an idea), and depending on how Reign ends up ending I might revisit a couple ideas I had for that one. There’s always my attempts at Final Testament Book 2 and the other RH AU I made a lot of progress on during NaNo. I have for years wanted to write a big piece of Coulson/May backstory fic and strongly suspect this season will end with me really wanting to finally do so.

And that’s just fic, I’ve presently got strong notions of doing a detailed review rewatch of something once this season of things ends. I really want to do Legends, but it seems like it will be a good time to do Arrow since we’ll be looped back to the beginning And there’s always my B5 rambling on the back burner.

So let’s see if I can motivate a few more muses by revisiting old stuff and see what I remember.